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A group of aspiring artist and just those who like to paint meet weekly to draw and take inspiration from each other.  Talent is less important than the desire to give your hand a try and enjoy the ambiance.

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A new sketching group has started that uses scenes in Larnaca as models.  Come enjoy the town and have fun sketching.

The patchwork and quilting group comes together monthly to design and sew patchwork items, during scraps of cloth into astonishing quilted works of art.   You need no experience, just enthusiasm and curiosity and a desire to experiment.  Come visit to see what we do.

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Are you interested in knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, embroidery and other handicraft activities?  This popular handicraft group just lost its group leader and is keen to restart.  So if you are interested in these activities and willing to lead it, you would be welcomed with open arms.

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