After an impression of being stuck in our homes at varying degrees of "stucked-ness" for the past 16 months, U3A Larnaca members are ready to head out and to reconnect with friends and family.  Wearing masks has become second nature to us (I have a collections of about 50 in assorted states of decay and comfort), elbow knocking a new and somewhat embarrassing trend, and hand washing has reached levels of obsessiveness.  But we are ready to face the future and get back to a semblance of normalcy.  As an overwhelming number of U3A members have had double vaccinations, we bravely decided to host a luncheon at a favourite local joint, Jacksons in Kiti.  The outside dining is spacious, and the 30 members who wanted to eat, mingle and chat could space out at three different tables.  As usual, the food was excellent, BBQ ribs, chicken, lamb and burgers galore, pasta, salads and more, at a reasonable price and with fast service with a smile.  What more could we ask?  Just the chance to get out of our baggy sweats and ratty T-shirts and put on something a bit more classy was a welcome treat for all, the wearers and the regarders alike. 

Cyprus has a number of ethnic restaurants, but there is nothing more relaxing than to drop in at an old favorite where you know the staff and are assured of great food and pleasant atmosphere.  This lunch has kicked off the summer season and it is certain that the participants are hoping that these get-togethers will be the highlight of the next few months.  And with a bit of luck, they will be again one of the most popular activities of the U3A.