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Have you ever looking into the sky and wondered what lies out there, just beyond your vision?  The astronomy/cosmology group looks at  the universe, its creation, the birth of the stars, the planets, and our place in the cosmos.  Guaranteed to blow your mind.

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The ancient civilisations group has delved into many ancient worlds - Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Persian.  We have visited ancient cities and masterpieces of the ancient world. The possibilities for being astonished are endless.  

The BBC produced 37 of Shakespeare's plays at the time of his 400th anniversary.  This group has been watching the plays, including the lesser known ones.  Fifteen plays have been viewed, with another 22 coming up.

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Summer time and the living is easy.... so what better way to fill in those lazy days than with a monthly quiz.   Nine teams compete for the honour and a few coins, but all have a jolly time testing their memory to find the answers that are "just on the tip of my tongue."


Special film or video productions by the BBC are suggested and shown by interested members, outside of the normal list of regular activities.  A recent one was a 6-part history of the British Empire.  A fascinating history of the reasons behind Britain's supremacy in the last two centuries.


Are your curious about your family background and don't know much more than where your parents came from.  Play detective with the genealogy group to find out more about your family tree.


Having a problem understanding what to do with your computer which does not want to listen to you?  Come share your problems and find solutions with the help of the group leaders.  SOS computer help is close at hand!

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